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Current Projects

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  1. Integration of Pediatric Palliative Care and Cardiac Ventricular Assist Device Care for Children (Stanford Maternal Child Health Research Institute, and Laurie Kraus Lacob Faculty Scholarship in Pediatric Translational Medicine)
  2. Advancing Safe and Ethical AI in Healthcare (National Institutes of Health, National Heart, Lung, Blood, Institute; National Eye Institute; Office of Data Science, Stanford University Healthcare)
  3. Family Presence in the Operating Room (Stanford Maternal Child Health Research Institute)
  4. Qualitative Identification of Patient and Family-Prioritized Outcomes in Pediatric Heart Surgery (Stanford Maternal Child Health Research Institute)

Recent publications include:

Bereaved Caregiver Perspectives on the End of Life in Pediatric Patients With Ventricular Assist Devices. Pediatric critical care medicine : a journal of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the World Federation of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care Societies
Bui, C. M., Schneider, L. M., Brown, M. R., Char, D. S., McIlvennan, C. K., Hollander, S. A.

Could, Should Families Watch Their Loved One's Surgeries and, If So, When? Anesthesia and analgesia
Quinonez, Z. A., Pyke-Grimm, K. A., Char, D.
2022; 135 (4): 704-707

Family-centered care and acute care cardiology: borrowing lessons from other disciplines. Cardiology in the young
Gal, D. B., Char, D. S., Anderson, J. B., Cooper, D. S., Madsen, N. L.
2022: 1-3

Important Design Questions for Algorithmic Ethics Consultation. The American journal of bioethics : AJOB
Char, D.
2022; 22 (7): 38-40

Challenges of Local Ethics Review in a Global Healthcare AI Market. The American journal of bioethics : AJOB
Char, D.
2022; 22 (5): 39-41

Foundational Considerations for Artificial Intelligence Utilizing Ophthalmic Images. Ophthalmology
Abramoff, M. D., Cunningham, B., Patel, B., Eydelman, M. B., Leng, T., Sakamoto, T., Blodi, B., Grenon, S. M., Wolf, R. M., Manrai, A. K., Ko, J. M., Chiang, M. F., Char, D., Collaborative Community on Ophthalmic Imaging Executive Committee and Foundational Principles of Ophthalmic Imaging and Algorithmic Interpretation Working Group

Compassionate Deactivation of Ventricular Assist Devices in Children with Heart Failure. ASAIO journal (American Society for Artificial Internal Organs : 1992)
Char, D. S., Hollander, S. A., Feudtner, C.

Parental Attitudes Toward Clinical Genomic Sequencing in Children With Critical Cardiac Disease. Pediatric critical care medicine: a journal of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the World Federation of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care Societies
Gal, D. B., Deuitch, N., Lee, S. S., Simon, R. T., Char, D. S.

Compassionate Deactivation of Pediatric Ventricular Assist Devices: A Review of 14 Cases. Journal of pain and symptom management
Hollander, S. A., Kaufman, B. D., Bui, C. n., Gregori, B. n., Murray, J. M., Sacks, L. n., Ryan, K. R., Ma, M. n., Rosenthal, D. N., Char, D. n.

A Framework to Evaluate Ethical Considerations with ML-HCA Applications-Valuable, Even Necessary, but Never Comprehensive. The American journal of bioethics : AJOB
Char, D., Abramoff, M., Feudtner, C.
2020; 20 (11): W6–W10

Identifying Ethical Considerations for Machine Learning Healthcare Applications. The American journal of bioethics : AJOB
Char, D. S., Abramoff, M. D., Feudtner, C.
2020; 20 (11): 7–17

Parents Demand and Teenager Refuses Epidural Anesthesia. Pediatrics
Berkowitz, I., Burgart, A., Truog, R. D., Mancuso, T. J., Char, D., Lantos, J. D.

Considerations for Triaging Elective Cases in Children with Cardiac Disease in a Time of Crisis. Circulation
Gal, D. B., Char, D. S.

Pectoral Nerve Blocks Decrease Postoperative Pain and Opioid Use After Pacemaker or Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Placement in Children. Heart rhythm
Yang, J. K., Char, D. S., Motonaga, K. S., Navaratnam, M., Dubin, A. M., Trela, A., Hanisch, D. G., McFadyen, G., Chubb, H., Goodyer, W., Ceresnak, S. R.

How Anesthesiologists Experience and Negotiate Ethical Challenges from Drug Shortages. AJOB empirical bioethics
Sinow, C. n., Burgart, A. n., Char, D. S.
2020: 1–8

Lessons learnt about Autonomous AI: Finding a safe, efficacious and ethical path through the development process. American journal of ophthalmology
Abramoff, M. D., Tobey, D. n., Char, D. S.

Machine Learning Implementation in Clinical Anesthesia: Opportunities and Challenges. Anesthesia and analgesia
Char, D. S., Burgart, A. n.

The opioid crisis should lead pediatric anesthesiologists to a broader vision of opioid stewardship. Paediatric anaesthesia
Burgart, A. M., Char, D.
2019; 29 (11): 1078–80

Use of genetic risks in pediatric organ transplantation listing decisions: A national survey. Pediatric transplantation
Graf, M., Char, D., Hanson-Kahn, A., Magnus, D.
2019: e13402

The Decision to Withdraw in Children With Ventricular Assist Devices. The American journal of bioethics : AJOB
Char, D., Hollander, S. A.
2019; 19 (3): 61-62

Translating genomic testing results for pediatric critical care: Opportunities for genetic counselors. Journal of genetic counseling
Deuitch, N. n., Soo-Jin Lee, S. n., Char, D. n.

Surveillance and Digital Health. The American journal of bioethics : AJOB
Martinez-Martin, N., Char, D.
2018; 18 (9): 67–68

Implementing Machine Learning in Health Care - Addressing Ethical Challenges NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE
Char, D. S., Shah, N. H., Magnus, D.
2018; 378 (11): 981–83

Anticipating uncertainty and irrevocable decisions: provider perspectives on implementing whole-genome sequencing in critically ill children with heart disease. Genetics in medicine: official journal of the American College of Medical Genetics
Char, D. S., Lee, S. S., Magnus, D. n., Cho, M. n.

The Advance of Rescue Technologies and the Border of Viability. The American journal of bioethics: AJOB
Char, D.
2017; 17 (8): 40-41

Genomic Contraindications for Heart Transplantation. Pediatrics
Char, D. S., Lázaro-Muñoz, G., Barnes, A., Magnus, D., Deem, M. J., Lantos, J. D.

CPR and Ventricular Assist Devices: The Challenge of Prolonging Life Without Guaranteeing Health. American journal of bioethics
Magnus, D., Char, D.
2017; 17 (2): 1-2

Pediatric Acute Care Decision Implications of Genetically Discoverable Mental Disorders AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BIOETHICS
Char, D.
2017; 17 (4): 32-33

Can Destination Therapy be implemented in children with heart failure? A study of provider perceptions. Pediatric transplantation
Char, D. S., Lee, S. S., Ikoku, A. A., Rosenthal, D., Magnus, D.
2016; 20 (6): 819-824

Anesthesia Intraoperative Handoffs: Is Decision Ownership Compatible With Transitions of Care Providers? American journal of bioethics
Char, D.
2016; 16 (9): 19-20

Anesthesia for Placement of a Paracorporeal Lung Assist Device and Subsequent Heart-Lung Transplantation in a Child with Suprasystemic Pulmonary Hypertension and End-Stage Respiratory Failure. A & A case reports
Char, D. S., Yarlagadda, V., Maeda, K., Williams, G.
2016; 6 (10): 308-310

Cognitive Dysfunction in Children with Heart Disease: The Role of Anesthesia and Sedation. Congenital heart disease
Char, D., Ramamoorthy, C., Wise-Faberowski, L.
2016; 11 (3): 221-229

Accuracy of Pulse Oximeters Intended for Hypoxemic Pediatric Patients. Pediatric critical care medicine
Harris, B. U., Char, D. S., Feinstein, J. A., Verma, A., Shiboski, S. C., Ramamoorthy, C.
2016; 17 (4): 315-320

Supervised Controlled Substance Use. American journal of bioethics
Char, D.
2016; 16 (4): 56-58

How should whole-genome sequencing be implemented in children? A consideration of the current limitations. Personalized medicine
Char, D. S.
2016; 13 (1): 33-42

Parental Refusal of Newborn Screening for Congenital Hearing Loss. American journal of bioethics
Char, D.
2016; 16 (1): 33-35

Negotiating the dilemma of anaesthesia and sedation in NICUs. The Lancet. Respiratory medicine
Char, D. S.
2015; 3 (10): 741-742

Ethics of Disclosure Regarding Drug Shortages That Affect Patient Care. Anesthesia and analgesia
Char, D. S., Magnus, D.
2015; 121 (2): 262-263

Whole-genome sequencing in critically ill infants and emerging ethical challenges. The Lancet. Respiratory medicine
Char, D. S.
2015; 3 (5): 333-335

Whole genome sequencing in critically ill children. The Lancet. Respiratory medicine
Char, D. S., Cho, M., Magnus, D.
2015; 3 (4): 264-266

Preventive Genomic Sequencing and Care of the Individual Patient. American journal of bioethics
Char, D.
2015; 15 (7): 32-33

Ethical concerns raised among pediatric heart failure clinicians. American journal of bioethics
Char, D. S.
2015; 15 (5): 36-37

Are preoperative B-type natriuretic peptide levels associated with outcome after pulmonary artery banding and the double switch operation in patients with congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries: a pilot study. journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery
Char, D. S., Shiboski, S. C., Hanley, F. L., Fineman, J. R.
2014; 148 (5): 2434-2436

Preoperative B-type natriuretic peptide levels are associated with outcome after total cavopulmonary connection (Fontan). journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery
Radman, M., Keller, R. L., Oishi, P., Datar, S. A., Wellnitz, K., Azakie, A., Hanley, F., Char, D., Hsu, J., Amrinovin, R., Adatia, I., Fineman, J. R.
2014; 148 (1): 212-219

General anesthesia treatment of propriospinal myoclonus in a patient with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva. A & A case reports
Char, D. S., Hutchison, H. T., Kitterman, J. A., Gregory, G. A.
2014; 3 (1): 6-8

Unintended effects on morale of mandatory postincident testing. American journal of bioethics
Char, D. S.
2014; 14 (12): 42-44

The effects of ketamine on dexmedetomidine-induced electrophysiologic changes in children. Paediatric anaesthesia
Char, D., Drover, D. R., Motonaga, K. S., Gupta, S., Miyake, C. Y., Dubin, A. M., Hammer, G. B.
2013; 23 (10): 898-905

Volatile anesthetic rescue therapy in children with acute asthma: innovative but costly or just costly?*. Pediatric critical care medicine
Char, D. S., Ibsen, L. M., Ramamoorthy, C., Bratton, S. L.
2013; 14 (4): 343-350

Case report: airway and concurrent hemodynamic management in a neonate with oculo-auriculo-vertebral (Goldenhar) syndrome, severe cervical scoliosis, interrupted aortic arch, multiple ventricular septal defects, and an unstable cervical spine PEDIATRIC ANESTHESIA
Char, D. S., Gipp, M., Boltz, M. G., Williams, G. D.
2012; 22 (9): 932-934